What are you fundraising for?

This event will provide the funding needed to complete the construction on our PPI Maryvale Youth Training Center, that will provide tutoring, counseling and training services for the at-risk Youth in our communities. 

What's your organization mission?

To reduce mass incarceration, by providing services to at-risk youth. 

What are some of the services your organization provides?

We provide temporary housing, job training, tutoring, mentoring and counseling services. 

Why should the medical marijuana industry support your organization?

Prison prevention info is a good fit for the industry! We encourage The Criminal Justice System throughout the United States to reduce mass incarceration by no longer charging someone for a felony for simple possession or use of marijuana. According to the ACLU, “marijuana arrests now account for over half of all drug arrests in the United States. Of the 8.2 million marijuana arrests between 2001 and 2010, 88% were for simply having marijuana. States waste  $3,613,969,972.00 enforcing marijuana laws every year.” 

We understand the devastating impact it can have on a young person's life & their community. They can lose their job and public benefits for simply medicating. We encourage doctors across America to embrace promising medical cannabis research and its use. Cannabis has helped many Americans alleviate side effects associated with numerous conditions. 

Where is my pitch?

The recording is being professionally edited,  we will share with you upon completion. With your permission we can share with venture capitalist interested in your pitch!

420 outside patio area FAQ

Do you charge admission into the medicated area?

Not for Medical Marijuana Patients of any state.

In Arizona we only allow medical marijuana patients into event based on Arizona law. 

Do you sell marijuana at the event?

NO. We do not allow any sale of medication at our event!    We respect the state laws!   

Can you sell marijuana at the event?

NO.  If you are caught selling marijuana, cannabis, cannabis medicated products, illegal drugs, or anything that is not authorized you will be removed from the event. 

Can you smoke at the event?

In the 420 outside patio area only!   

How much medicine can I bring to the event?

Only bring your legal limit! 

What can I vend at the event?

We allow our vendors to vend products, or services but not cannabis!

Can I volunteer at event?

Yes. Please go to our Volunteer page.  Volunteers receive lunch, dinner, soft drinks and VIP access throughout Event!

Do you have food at your event?

Yes. Our event will have good food for you to choose from.  Seafood, steak and vegan.

Can you bring in beverages or food?

No outside food and beverage.  

Is there free medicine at event?

Yes. We allow vendors to medicate other patients  based on the rules of the State.  

Do you provide food or drink for free?

No. We do not provided any food or drink for free at our event.  

What type of vendors will be at Event?

See vendors on homepage  website!  

Why do you charge for 3 minute fast pitch tickets?

3 Minute Fast Pitch tickets include dinner, soft drinks cocktails with tickets to our cannabis friendly hair beauty and fashion expo and an opportunity to network with Hair, Beauty, Fashion and the brightest minds in the Cannabis industry!    

How can I get a vendor space?

On our vendor page!  

How can I sponsor event?

Check out the options on our sponsor page or you can contact us directly for more info!   

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  • Prison Prevention Info is a 501(c)3, dedicated to reducing mass incarceration by helping the most vulnerable youth in our communities. 
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