420 Outdoor Lounge

Cannabis Celebration

A legal collaborative effort to comply with proposition 203 while respecting all patient's needs! Patients can bring medication, under legal limit.

Medical marijuana card holders are allowed from any state.

Participate in the Cannabis tasting event!

Edibles, medibles & drinkables

Sativa, Indica & Hybrid

Wax, Shatter & Rosin

Budder Crumble Wax

Vendors, Sponsors, Performers & Staff MMJ card not required

Patients - Must have VALID MMJ CARD issued by any US state, (PAPER RECS NOT ACCEPTED)

Patients - Must have VALID MMJ CARD issued by any US state, (PAPER RECS NOT ACCEPTED) VALID state ID  

Please pre-register anyone not preregistered and without a wristband or MMJ CARD with valid State ID will not be admitted to the outside 420 patio area. 


Who can partake in the Cannabis tasting event

Medical Marijuana Card Holders from any medical legal state.

What can I bring?

You can bring medication, but not over your legal limit.  Also, there is NO SALES OF MEDICATION AT EVENT. 

No outside food or water!

No Guns or Weapons of any kind!

No illegal drugs!

Only bring your legal amount and medicate responsibly.  
This event has flower, edibles, vape and concentrate medication, for patients to sample.
All medicine depends upon vendors/patients.

Do you accept out of state patients?

We accept all out of state MMJ card holders with Valid MMJ Card and Valid State ID.  
Since Arizona allows for out of state patients to consume medicine, and no medicine is for sale at our event. 
Out of state patients can come to our event.

Join us and meet the decision makers in or interested in the Medical Marijuana Industry.

Our goal is to provide a pleasant experience for our sponsors and VIP guests in a safe, comfortable environment, with business-minded individuals looking for an opportunity to socialize and network with professionals in the Cannabis industry!


Security will be provided by Spartan Security LLC who specializes in medical marijuana dispensary security, Arizona DPS License 1688721. Lieutenant Jeremy J. Walk will supervise a team of four. To stay in compliance with Prop203

Spartan Security LLC can be reached at 602-366-0017.